Why Granex?


People use Granex because of its irreplaceable characteristics. The list of Granex advantages is very long, but we suffice to mention that:

• Granex is luxurious and yet affordable.

• Granex is strong and yet renewable and repairable.

• Granex is installed much more quickly and accurately than its predecessors.

• Granex has the beauty and glory of natural stones, the ease of installation and nature of natural wood and the cleanness of ceramics.

• Granex is the new generation, state of the art and complicated solid surfacing material and yet easy to handle and maintain.






• Granex is practical and yet functional, easy installation ,hygienic non - porous , no templating, impact resistant no specialist tooling ,inconspicuous seam ,free product training fully sealed edges , renewable ,tactile surface ,repairable resistant to household chemicals.

It should be clear by now that Granex the superior surfacing material that combines almost all of the advantages of various surfacing materials, which will be the trend in the near future.

So the question is: Have you switched to Granex? If not yet, why not?!






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