What is Granex ?

Granex is recognized as the newly developed state of the art generation of solid surfacing product delivering exceptional value for money. Granex is a homogeneous mineral-based surfacing material, which contains natural fillers and a high grade engineered resins directly coated to an environmentally friendly core board and balanced with non-porous resin veneer.

Granex provides a perfectly smooth and tactile surface that allows inconspicuous jointing and edging. Seams are fused together to provide a flush and moisture resistant bond across the surface. Since it is non-porous, everyday stains can be removed with just soap and water.

Granex is the ultimate countertop product. It combines the beauty, strength and durability of natural stones, the warmth and workability of wood and the cleanness of ceramics.

The modern surface, like all things of today, needs to be multi-functional – this is why Granex is the leading product in its field. Granex is a versatile, sophisticated and affordable solid surfacing material that will enhance and add value to any environment.

The composition of Granex is illustrated in the figure below. As you realise, it is a unique solid composite work surface, which can be fitted and installed, in the same format as a standard laminate worktop.













As seen from the figure above, Granex does not require an extra substrate; it is reinforced all along and hence can be installed quickly and accurately. The installation costs are therefore low and the installation time short.

Ideally suited for a variety of applications, Granex has proven its worth, functionality and style from the kitchen to the bathroom and from the bathroom to the boardroom.


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