1.Who should I get to install my Polygranite countertop ?
Polygranite Solid Surfaces are installed by licensed fabricators who have been specifically trained. Using a licensed fabricator ensures that your countertop or commercial use surface will be properly installed and backed by full warranty.

2.Do I need to choose a sink before my Polygranite countertop is installed ?
Yes. Though there are some common fixture sizes, we highly recommend selecting the sink and oven before your custom countertop is created by a fabricator.

3. How do I care for Polygranite on a daily basis?
Just wipe using mild dish soap and water. Follow with an ammonia based product, such as glass cleaner, for a streak free shine

4.How do I repair a scratch or cut on my Polygranite solid surface ?

Scratches and cuts can be buffed away with a light duty scrubbing pad and a mild abrasive cleanser.





5.How long will Polygranite last ?
With proper care and maintenance, your Polygranite countertop will last for many years. Polygranite Solid Surfaces are considered as renewable materials and can be refinished to look new, and are backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

6.Can I place hot pans directly onto Polygranite?
Polygranite  Solid Surfaces are heat resistant. However, high heat or flame can damage the surface; yet, in most cases, damage can be repaired. To protect the countertop surface, always use a heat pad or trivet.

7.Are Polygranite ever used in flooring?

Polygranite Solid Surfaces are not intended to be used as a flooring material




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